Well connected

Make the switch easy for your business, with all your customers, data, and systems all brought together on PrimeXConnect.

Endless Integration

We built PrimeXConnect to be completely flexible, allowing us to quickly add the systems, data, and workflow you already use. With our dedicated support team working closely with you, to make sure everything you need is there, the way you prefer. It’s that simple.

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Up and running

We’ll do the heavy lifting to make sure your team has access to the data and services you need within days of your request.

Data on tap

We know the importance of getting the right data, instantly. Which is why we help you keep your data sorted, tagged, and trackable. Across all your systems, all in one place.

Made to fit

Our open platform design means you can add in the systems and processes your business uses, whenever you need.

WE play well with others

Integrating into your workflow

PrimeXConnect makes your life easier by integrating seamlessly with existing functions in your business.

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“With PrimeXConnect, it’s all so much easier. It's simple to order, see the listed price, product availability, previous orders, which plant the stock is coming from, and have it all confirmed via the mobile app and email, 24/7.”

Reuben Sharples
Managing Director, Aussie Butcher, New Lynn.